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It’s been raining all damn day.  Throwing it back to a beautiful day on the Chicago River with @sorchasayers #tbt #sweethomechicago  (at Chicago River)
It’s National Aviation Day today!  That enormous plane is an SR-71… it’s top speed is 2,200 MPH.  That’s a lot of metal floating quickly through the air.  
Swung through lovely Gary, Indiana to see Michael Jackson’s childhood home… a spontaneous and enlightening experience.  Gary isn’t a place I need to visit again but this was really cool. Photo by @sorchasayers  (at Michael Jackson’s Boyhood Home)
An overwhelming selection of hot sauces at Jungle Jim’s. (at Jungle Jim’s International Market)
It’s not a road trip through Indiana without an Instagram of the giant wind turbines.  Ohio bound with @sorchasayers

Here’s a motion time-lapse video created by Matthew Vandeputte.  Pretty cool!

Check out his work:

This is Chicago.  It’s not all good and pretty.  There’s a lot wrong with it.  But it’s home, and I love this city.  

No words for this one.  

Look closely… this is only one photo.
This flag was flown in the face of the enemy over VSSA Anaconda Afghanistan on the 20th day of March. 2013.  War sucks, but I’m so incredibly proud of my little bro doing big things. #specialforces

Bill’s fifty-two years old, has a mountain man beard, and delivers pizza on a fixie in Brooklyn. Over the course of several shifts, DELIVERY unveils an intriguing man rushing food to your door while it’s still hot and fresh.

- From No Weather Productions

What plans?
A couple years ago I was hanging out in Denver with my cousin and his artist friend Josh Holland.  He showed me some work he’s done and I was a big fan.  I was browsing Josh’s website today and realized the 16oz PBR cans I’ve been drinking ALL SUMMER were designed by him!  So cool, nice work @josholland #pbr

Beck rocking a classic last night in Chicago! (at Pitchfork Music Festival)

Wow… I’ve never been to the Pacific Northwest.  This video may have sealed the deal for my next trip.