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A new track I did using a vocal sample from Osho.  

Always said I’d never get a tattoo. Lied, got one today.
Tycho laid some chill vibes in Chicago last night.  (at Concord Music Hall)
First outdoor hang of the year makes for an awesome first day of 27! #hammock #sweetweather #birthday
Wrigley Field w/ @sorchasayers

Happy April Fools Day from Sam Adams.

Awkward items by kkstudio - Imgur

Anonymous asked: Hey, I'm visiting family in Chicago for a month and am finding it really boring staying home all day so I was wondering if you hAd any recommendations for things a 19 year old could do here?

Hey there - sure thing.  If you’re into cycling, take advantage of the Divvy bike share program, they are all over the city and I think it’s the best way to get around and see the various sites.  The lakeshore path is a great spot to cruise… great views of the beach and city.  

Though I’ve never been, I hear Uncommon Ground (north side) is a great coffee shop for all ages live music etc.

Humboldt Park is a nice chill park on the west side with a lake and walking/biking paths.  Great spot to do some reading and relaxing.

If you’re looking to meet people hop on and link up with some folks or join one of the events, it’s an active community open to meeting new people all the time.

Hope that helps.


The grill has been lit.
My favorite things.  Who needs a studio anyway? #simplicity #makinbeats

An Iceland Adventure

Check out these photos from a some guy’s 3 day adventure to Iceland.

Well this is impressive.

This little Irish dancer was tearing up the dance floor last night.   (at Abbey Pub)
This winter has been brutal.
Chicago friends, mark your calendars! April 18 I’ll be laying the beats of all your favorite TV theme songs from the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s with Saved By The Belvedere at Goose Island Wrigleyville. I just know you want to rock out to the Full House theme song while slugging beers, so come join us for a night of nostalgic music and offensive jokes! (at Goose Island Brewpub)